Bride and Mom/St Louis Wedding Photography

Photographing weddings for a long time we noticed that moms are essential behind the scene during the wedding day. They are making sure that everything runs smooth and just the way her girl dreamed about. They want you to be happy and enjoy the wedding, believe or not moms care about our happiness more than we do. We call this unconditional love.

Nikolina & Ryan wedding.

Dina & Ryan wedding.

The even wedding is bride’s big day, and all you want is to be happy, remember that one person is doing everything to make it happen. It’s bride’s mom. She is dreaming about your wedding day even before you do and she dedicated her entire life to make you happy and to provide the best as much she can.

Helena & Joe wedding.

Ashley & Andy wedding.

Maria & Chris wedding.

Because all things moms are in the charge for the wedding day often we feel they don’t have the attention they deserve. You as a bride will have tons of photos with everyone who is important or not so important in your life, but somehow just a few photos with your mom.

Lejla & Muhamed wedding.

Laura & Chris wedding.

Dana & Richaad wedding.

Please take a time for your mom, (often moms are taking care of everything so you have the wedding of your dreams, this put her in position to be behind the scene for the most of the day), show her how much you care, insist that she has to be involved more in your photos, have some alone time with mom and thank her, this will fill her with the joy she needs and deserves.

As a former bride and now wedding photographer I wish someone told the same thing I am telling you. I will give the world to see and have more photos with my mom. I miss it but I will do everything so you don’t.

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