Celebrating with Festive Couture Floral

It is always exciting to celebrate with St Louis wedding vendors. Festive Couture Floral moved to new larger and beautiful space. Photo Elegance team was fortunate to photograph this amazing space. By photographing we try to make a justice to the exquisite decorations and designs. Once entering the store we noticed a table with brochures and few wall prints, quite elegant setting. Elegant is something we appreciate and excite us.

You will experience all four season set up. By the window, it is all gold, green, white and warm colors. Feels like a summer.

One part of the interior was dedicated to blue, white, silver and crystals. It gives a feeling of the winter theme.

The team of Festive Couture Floral dedicated a room to create a mock up just for your needs. Everything was perfect: tablecloth, flower arrangements, lighting spotlight which adds a drama, candle light.

Then we enter the room with decorations which could be used for special occasions or weddings or any exciting event. We call it a room with no rules! Well, the only rule is to be exciting and fun as much it can be. Check for yourselves. Our favorite is pretzel stand.

Once you finish touring, Frankie and Mark will invite you in the conference room. This room is calming but elegant. The Festive Couture Floral team was putting a lot of thoughts and effort to make it right and to provide a great experience.

You can see real wedding we worked together on “Dina & Ryan” and the same wedding was published in international luxury bridal magazine “Novelty Bride”.

Enjoy photographs and share your favorite photo by commenting below.

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