Helena + Joe Wedding / St Louis Wedding Photography

Helena and Joe were recently married at the beautiful St James Catholic Church in St Louis. We started photographing at Chase Park Plaza the place they live.

Helena loves her Croatian heritage and Joe is proud to have Irish in him.

The wedding was mix and appreciation for both cultures.

After beautiful ceremony bagpiper was attraction for it selves. This elegant wedding day continued with reception at the Missouri History Museum.

Enjoy the images, share, choose your favorite and leave comment below.


Photo Elegance_01 Photo Elegance_02 Photo Elegance_03 Photo Elegance_04 Photo Elegance_05 Photo Elegance_06 Photo Elegance_07 Photo Elegance_08 Photo Elegance_09 Photo Elegance_10 Photo Elegance_11 Photo Elegance_12 Photo Elegance_13 Photo Elegance_14 Photo Elegance_16 Photo Elegance_17 Photo Elegance_15 Photo Elegance_18 Photo Elegance_19 Photo Elegance_20 Photo Elegance_21 Photo Elegance_22 Photo Elegance_23 Photo Elegance_26 Photo Elegance_24 Photo Elegance_25 Photo Elegance_28 Photo Elegance_27 Photo Elegance_30 Photo Elegance_29 Photo Elegance_31 Photo Elegance_32



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