Lejla + Muhamed married / St Louis Wedding Photography

We were flattered when Lejla and Muhamed choose us to photograph their wedding. The wedding took place in the beautiful newly renovated Ritz Carlton. It was an honor to be the first wedding in the new space.  It was hard to narrow down the images we shot. Lejla as elegant as it gets and Muhamed super excited groom make a perfect couple. The elegant wedding was a blend of American and European style, food and music. Photo Elegance can’t thank Dijana enough for referring this wonderful couple. Enjoy the images, share the love and then choose your favorite image!

PhotoElegance_LM_0001   PhotoElegance_LM_0002 PhotoElegance_LM_0003 PhotoElegance_LM_0004 PhotoElegance_LM_0005 PhotoElegance_LM_0006 PhotoElegance_LM_0007 PhotoElegance_LM_0008 PhotoElegance_LM_0009 PhotoElegance_LM_0010 PhotoElegance_LM_0011 PhotoElegance_LM_0012 PhotoElegance_LM_0013 PhotoElegance_LM_0014 PhotoElegance_LM_0015 PhotoElegance_LM_0016 PhotoElegance_LM_0017 PhotoElegance_LM_0018 PhotoElegance_LM_0019 PhotoElegance_LM_0020 PhotoElegance_LM_0021 PhotoElegance_LM_0022 PhotoElegance_LM_0023 PhotoElegance_LM_0024 PhotoElegance_LM_0025 PhotoElegance_LM_0026 PhotoElegance_LM_0027 PhotoElegance_LM_0028 PhotoElegance_LM_0029 PhotoElegance_LM_0030 PhotoElegance_LM_0031 PhotoElegance_LM_0032 PhotoElegance_LM_0033 PhotoElegance_LM_0034 PhotoElegance_LM_0035 PhotoElegance_LM_0036 PhotoElegance_LM_0037 PhotoElegance_LM_0038



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