How to choose a Wedding Photographer

If you’re a bride or groom who values photography, the task of picking a wedding photographer can be daunting and somewhat scary.

After all, there are no re-dos. You’re going to get married once, and you only have one shot to pick a photographer.

Three simple pieces of advice:

1 – Make sure that when you view their photos, you love the style. 

    You are hiring an artist with a specific eye and heart. You want to resonate with how they see and capture the world around them.

    And if you love photos when looking through their portfolio you are guaranteed to love your own photos.


2 – Ask to view an entire wedding worth of photos – the proofs.

     Any photographer can show you a slideshow of their best 50 photos they’ve ever shot and you will be impressed.

     You want to make sure they have good quality photos throughout the course of one entire wedding. Photo-Elegance_02 Photo-Elegance_06 Photo-Elegance_05 Photo-Elegance_01

3 – Make sure you like them as a person.

      Whoever you pick to be your photographer is going to be around you and your family for many hours on the best day of your life.

      So you want to feel comfortable with them and most of all, be able to TRUST them.Photo-Elegance_07

You like what you see!!! Call today!!


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