Peabody Opera Wedding/Seema+Neal

Seema’s and Neal welcome dinner was held at the Grand Hall at the Union Station. With event design and coordination by the always fabulous Big Bow Events, both days were elegant and breathtakingly beautiful.

photo-elegance_03 photo-elegance_04 photo-elegance_01 photo-elegance_05 photo-elegance_06 photo-elegance_07

Couple was married at the Peabody Opera House, which is the remarkably beautiful place to have a wedding.  Kys Styles was responsible for impeccable looks.

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Vendor Love

Welcome dinner: Grand Hall at St Louis Union Station

Wedding Ceremony: Peabody Opera House

Event design and coordinator: Big Bow Events

Flowers: Big Bow Events

Hair/Mua: Kys Styles

DJ: DJ Blaze

Horse: St Louis Carriage

Dinner: Taj Palace

Cake: McArthur’s Bakery

Video: Lifetime Media

Transportation: Presidential Limousines

Photography: Photo Elegance


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