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 Bibi and Vlatko are husband-wife team

Who We Are
Bibi and Vlatko are a husband-wife team. Photography has been in Vlatko’s family for generations starting at the beginning of 19 century. Leaving him with a love and understanding of photography. Bibi is a lover of art, fashion, and all things creative. Her knowledge of light and movement as it relates to photography is essential in creating her style. When Vlatko met Bibi for the first time he knew she was the one. After an engagement they got married and set off on their photography adventure together. Their passion for photography, and zest for life shines in their work. They are truly a team, that loves each other, loves working together and loves what they do.

Our Style
Photo Elegance embodies these principles in our photography, essential, clean and elegant. Our love for fine art and eye for fashion helps us to capture the events and all of the unique details that make it so beautiful. We are able to emphasize the emotions of the event and capture the expressions of your wedding day. We will capture images that move you to the point of remembering, just what you were feeling at that moment in time every time you look at your pictures. You will be able to feel you pictures, not just see them.

We will put you at ease as it should be, as we work together and create something truly elegant.

We would love the chance to sit down and meet with you and discuss how we can help you create lifelong memories.

Call us today  636-328-5075

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