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Today we feature an elegant and classy St Louis event space Barnett on Washington. We interviewed Barnett’s management team. What a beautiful event space, we couldn’t resist to take few photographs! Check advices and tips from the St Louis wedding experts.

What are the most important things a bride should consider when choosing a wedding venue?

  • Know your style. What kind of wedding do you visualize? Classic, eclectic, rustic, modern.
  • Can the venue accommodate the size of your party?
  • Know your non-negotiables.
  • Is the perfect date more important than the perfect venue? You may have to be flexible.
  • Do you want to work with vendors provided by you? If so, a full service venue may not be for you.
  • Can the venue fully execute your vision? How late can the party go until? Are they flexible with setup – seated dinner vs. casual/cocktail style?
  • Be sure to find out everything that is included. Tables, chairs, linens, etc.
  • Size of parking area – is valet an option?
  • Is the venue close to an airport or convenient for all guests to get to?
  • Are you able to utilize your own vendors?



What would you say is the number one mistake you see couples make when deciding on the wedding venue?

We strongly recommend for couples to make a complete list of questions prior to visiting their venue of choice. In the moment, sometimes it is difficult to remember all of the logistical questions that should come up. Really make sure the event space can bring your full vision to life.

What do you expect to see as bridal trends this year?

In meeting with our clients, we understand the importance for their event to really embody and represent them as a couple. It is all in the details to highlight their personality and showcase their uniqueness.

Trends we are seeing this year…

  • The search for an unforgettable, unique venue! Many couples are searching for a space that really represents their personalities. The couples that visit our beautiful Barnett on Washington are searching for a space that their guests will not soon forget. A space that has character, history, and a natural elegance.
  • Classic weddings are in. It seems the classic elegant weddings are in.
  • It is all about the party!


Does the venue play an important factor when choosing a wedding dress?

Typically one of the very first things a bride does is to choose the perfect venue that captures her style.

One of the most captivating features of Barnett on Washington is the stunning staircase that leads a bride and groom into the event space. Many of our brides will absolutely purchase a dress that will radiate while walking down the elegant Barnett on Washington staircase.

The event space should always compliment the main attraction of the day, the beautiful bride in a stunning gown.

Photo-EleganceH_07 Photo-EleganceH_06 Photo-EleganceH_08

Who is Barnett on Washington?

Barnett on Washington is a unique and sophisticated St. Louis event venue that can house an array of events: weddings, receptions and much more. Constructed in 1921 the elegant design of the building features 45 foot tall ceilings, a spacious square balcony, and a double staircase that wraps around the front entrance. It features a Spanish Mission style of construction and maintains its historic look and appeal while boasting the highest quality modern amenities.

Barnett on Washington is located in 3207 Washington Blvd. Saint Louis, MO 63103

We’d like to thank Misty, Joe and David for great advices and  amazing tour through Barnett space.

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