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Passion for Fashion / St Louis Photography

Did you know that beside love for wedding photography we have a passion for fashion photography?

For us it is most exciting to work with St Louis designers, hairstylist, makeup artists and models.

Take a look to one of our editorial photo session.

The editorial was featuring Altar’d State clothing.Concept was to portray feminine, soft look. Finding wright location for the photo shoot was one of most challenging tasks. It had to be surreal, dreamy and soft at the same time.

  • Henryk Ptasiewicz St Louis prominent, internationally admired painter was kind and let us photograph in his  studio.
  • Vauje jewelry was perfect fit. She create custom jewelry pieces for this editorial session.
  • John Napoli from Studio Napoli our favorite hair stylist and photo stylist help us to create a magic.
  • Summer Rose Saputo St Louis model is beautiful and amazing.

Choose your favorite images and leave comment below. 

Photo Elegance_01