Valentine’s Day in St Louis

Since February is a little extra special month, we decided to share photo journey of St Louisans and all sweet things you can do here. St Louis in style for Valentine’s day.

Definitely, you can’t miss the best coffee latte in the area. Take your best friend or two and visit Novella Wine Bar. Home made tiramisu, selection of wines from all around the world and welcoming atmosphere and yes you can run to flamenco dancer there. Perfect for Valentine’s night out. Good wine, passionate flamenco dance and at the end coffee latte.

Our favorite!

Photo Elegance_06

In the Loop neighborhood, Piccione Pastry is the placed to be. You can share all sweet treats with someone you love.

Photo Elegance_01 Photo Elegance_03

Cupcakes are sold by the dozen!!! It is as a dream come true. If you are planning the house party order a dozen cupcakes in The Cup in the central west end.

Photo Elegance_02 Photo Elegance_07 Photo Elegance_09

As you can see, St Louis has it all so we experienced all those sweet shops and want to share with you.

Photo Elegance_08

We missed one thing “ice cream” Bibi’s favorite. Once summer arrives first-hand ice cream Bibi’s report is coming.

Happy Valentine”s Day!!!

Enjoy photographs and share your favorite photo by commenting below.

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