Wedding day tips/Rainy day

What if rains on your wedding day? This is a great question, rain can make things tricky at times, and although it is never ideal, it does happen but think how romantic your wedding photographs can be.

As romantic as that sounds, we know that rain can bring complexities.That is why we are sharing some of our favorite tips for couples who may find themselves getting married on a rainy day! We hope you find this helpful as you prepare for your BIG day! Take one step at a time. It’s important, not to stress! Embrace the changes, and remain joyful, because TODAY is the DAY! Rain or shine, it’s going to be amazing, and you’re getting married!

If rain is in the forecast for your wedding day we will suggest few indoor locations or places that are covered and still are great for the photographs. We always have plan B + C +.

It is not always about picture perfect background it is what you make from it. The simplest window, clean wall, porch, the cute umbrella is a great way to make beautiful portraits.

Time right after the rain is magical for your photographs and trust us your photographs will be unique to your day and will bring memories and smiles on your face every time you look at them. This bridal portrait was taken right after the rain, our bride was heartbroken because of rain. We find the moment when rain stop for the some time, adding some extra light to mimic the sun, because of rain the entire area had an amazing glow and we make iconic images.

You hired your photographer because of trust and experience. Enjoy your wedding day and let us help you to make the best of it!!!

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    These all photography are so beautiful and eye caching. Thank you for sharing with us

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