Wedding Photography St Louis / Christina + Joshua married

Christina and Joshua wedding reception was held at Drury Hotel in Chesterfield. Their wedding ceremony was at Korean Presbyterian Church.

Christina’s mom was planning the wedding, she planed beautiful and elegant day.

Bride and groom are scientists so entire wedding party had scientist coming all around the state to celebrate this beautiful marriage.

Flowers and arrangement for wedding where made with special care and love.

  • Christina’s mom made flowers; she is a florist Kim’s Florist.
  • Karimu L Makeup Artistry was in the charge of good looks. She did amazing.

Enjoy the photographs, share, choose your favorite and leave comment below.

Photo-EleganceH_01 Photo-EleganceH_02 Photo-EleganceH_03 Photo-EleganceH_04 Photo-EleganceH_05 Photo-EleganceH_06 Photo-EleganceH_07 Photo-EleganceH_09 Photo-EleganceH_10 Photo-EleganceH_11 Photo-EleganceH_12 Photo-EleganceH_13 Photo-EleganceH_14 Photo-EleganceH_15 Photo-EleganceH_16 Photo-EleganceH_17 Photo-EleganceH_18 Photo-EleganceH_19 Photo-EleganceH_20 Photo-EleganceH_21 Photo-EleganceH_22 Photo-EleganceH_23 Photo-EleganceH_24


Wedding dress: Blossom Bridal

Flowers: Kim’s Florist

Makeup: Karimu L Makeup Artistry

Cake: McArthur Bakery

Catering: Callier’s Catering

Reception: Drury Hotel

  2 comments for “Wedding Photography St Louis / Christina + Joshua married

  1. Eva
    June 12 at 1:40 am

    I love the pictures! What great memories! Thank you for capturing them!

    • verdeg
      June 12 at 3:30 pm

      Dear Eva we had lot of fun at the wedding. It was great to meet you all girls.

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